Children's pastor

Oconee Campus

Ministry Objectives

To work on the gKids Ministry Team and its initiatives related to K’Nect Groups, gKids Preschool, outreach, and events.

- Collaborative planning for all gKid events including Sunday mornings, outreach events, camps, etc.

- Effectively shepherd volunteer teams, families & kids.

- Attend all church-wide, ministry & campus staff meetings as planned.

- Support the mission and vision of Graystone Church as “one church.”


- Maintain personal spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, tithing)

- Attend all staff meetings, except when excused by the Supervisor

- Attend all worship events, except when excused by the Supervisor

- Personal ministry of evangelism and life-on-life discipleship

- Lead a Small Group


A typical week of work for a part-time employee should involve 20-30 hours of church activities and church-related work.

Ministry is not a “9-5 job” but a lifestyle.  Sometimes staff will be asked to serve and fulfill needs in areas outside of their ministry responsibilities.