Small groups

for everyone

ozora campus

Special Needs Family Group

Michael and Tempa Kohler
Sundays 3:00pm
For families of Special Needs or anyone associated with Special Needs.
Children are welcome.
Monroe, GA

Bible Study

Jason and Lauren Davis
Sundays 6:00pm
Doing life together.
Statham, GA

Families Bound Together

Clancy Arrant and Brent Alexander
Sundays 5:00pm
Growing together in relationships through God’s word, the power of prayer, and building unity through Christ’s love.
Childcare provided.
Graystone Ozora and revolving homes.

Christian Writer's Group

Laura Comelleri

Time TBD
This group is for established and aspiring writers who want to hone their craft, share their work, and grow as a writer. No experience is necessary--just an interest in writing, love for the Lord, and a desire to combine the two.
Location: TBD

Parents of Prodigals

Steve Sexton
Mondays 6:30-8:00pm
A small group to discuss, pray for, study about or even just vent about the very unique pain that only the parent of a prodigal child knows. Working through the book and study guide "From Heartbroken to Hopeful" by Shirley Elliott.
Graystone Ozora

Disc Golf Group

Holly Grier
Weekends, 1-2 per month
For any skill level, let's play some disc golf together at local courses!
Local disc golf courses

Financial Peace University

Glendee Glasier

Thursdays 7:00pm
Learning how to be a good steward of your money using Dave Ramsey’s method. (Cost of materials is $99)
Loganville, GA

In God We Trust: Finances and Faith

Shawn Maloney

Thursdays 6:30pm
Covering personal financial fundamentals all the way through retirement planning. Will also tie in biblical principles, as well as discuss Sunday’s messages.
Graystone Ozora

Young Adults Group

Joelan Howes
Every Other Thursday 6:30pm
Young Adults growing together through community and the Bible.
Graystone Ozora

walton campus

40+ Group

Mark and Donna Cain
Sundays 5:30pm
This group is for anyone interested in building relationships with other people and growing closer to God through Bible study.
Good Hope, GA

Widowed Group

Tom Gillett
Thursdays 6:30pm
Each of us find ourselves bonding with others of shared interests or experiences.  Not grief share; not grief support; not recovery. Together we will study what scripture has for us as we search for strength in faith.
Monroe, GA

Oconee campus

40+ Group

Jason and Stacy Smith
Sundays 6:00pm
This is a great group for any person or couple. The group focuses on building relationships with one another and growing closer to God through Bible study.
Watkinsville, GA

Small Group Bible Study

Andrew Coats
Sundays 4:00pm
This group is for any single, dating, or married person who wants to connect with others, build friendships, and grow closer to God through Bible study and discussion.
Childcare provided.
Graystone  Oconee