Andrew Coats

Oconee Campus Pastor

My story is one of God’s consistent provision and blessing. I became a Christ follower at a young age, and my family ensured I spent plenty of time in church and at school learning about Him and His word. It wasn’t until college, however, that I started to truly understand what it meant to turn what I knew about God into a life lived fully for God. Just knowing the right thing to do was not enough; I needed to take real steps of faith. That meant starting hard, important conversations, loving people well, and moving beyond my comfort zone. Since those impactful years on campus in Valdosta, Georgia (go Blazers!), the Lord has opened doors and guided me through each season of life with grace and mercy that I do not deserve.

I am immensely grateful that God’s plan led me here to Graystone, and I look forward to walking with others as they embrace His perfect design for their lives.