Chris Wheeler

Head Facilities and Grounds

Until I was seventeen years old, I grew up in New England where I was raised Catholic . We went to church almost every Sunday, and I went through all the classes that the Catholic church requires you to go through as a kid. I also was part of a divorced household and then part of a blended family when my stepdad came into the picture when I was eight years old. Although we went to church, I never really understood what the Bible was saying, but I believed  that God existed .  My grandmother taught me the Lord’s prayer, but I did not really have an understanding of how to pray to God on my own.

In 1996,  my family and I moved to Georgia. In high school, I met some friends who invited me to church. At this point I was still going to Catholic mass off and on. I graduated high school and began college when I met some  new people, one being Keisha. She invited me to church a few times, and I could see God working.

In 2003, I met my first wife and we got married in 2008. I had run into some trouble that year and was in a serious car accident where my best friend was killed. These events started making me question God and what faith was. In late 2008 and through 2009, I began occasionally attending  Graystone Church .

In 2010 when the current Ozora building  opened up, God prompted me to make a commitment to be at church every Sunday. I then joined a small group where I became close with some guys that poured into me. Through small group, my eyes were opened up to the gospel and what Jesus had done for me . The week of  October 24, 2010, I committed my life to Christ and got baptized on that Sunday. During that year, God spoke to me and told me that I was going to work for the church.

As I continued to seek out God, He continued to  work in my life. In 2010, my first wife and I divorced. But the next year, I reconnected with my now-wife, Keisha, and we got married in 2012,  becoming a blended family. I am thankful for my wife and two boys.

 Finally, God called me into working for the church in 2017. I am super thankful how God has been at work and brought me to where I am today.