Christmas Offering 2020

Our Christmas Offering will be even more special this year as we look to help local ministries within our walls. This is an excellent opportunity for each of us to give God our first and best. This year’s Christmas Offering will allow Graystone to do some amazing projects in our community and we hope that you will join us.

The Christmas Offering will be on Sunday, December 20th during all services 
and the goal is $200,000.

What will the Christmas Offering support?

Local Community Ministry Support - 2020 has been a challenging year for many. The argument can be made that no group has been hit harder than Christ-centered not-for-profit ministries right here at home. We are excited to announce that the first fruits of our Christmas Offering will go to help support Athens Pregnancy Center, which is run by Miriam Nelson and Special Kneads and Treats, operated by Michael and Tempa Kohler. The Nelson’s and Kohler’s are faithful members of Graystone and have given so much to our communities. These  organizations operate as the hands and feet of Jesus, and we are honored to partner with them.
Graystone’s Internship Program - Our internship program has been such a success and is vital to fulfilling our part of the Great Commission. Therefore, a portion of the 2020 Christmas Offering will go toward the continuation and expansion of our internship program, as we strive to invest in and raise up Christian leaders that will reach the next generation for Christ.  
Campus Improvements - The 2020 Christmas Offering will also go toward essential facility improvements at each campus. Many items such as our heating and AC units are nearing end-of-life. Our Walton Campus, for all of its great qualities, is in much need of a roof repair. As buildings and properties age, repairs and maintenance are inevitable. Making these improvements will allow us to continue to focus on our mission of Knowing God and Making God Known.
On December 20th, we are providing a special giving envelope and encouraging everyone to come prepared to give that day. If you are going to be out-of-town or if you would like to give ahead of time, you can do so online or utilize our giving kiosk in the lobby. Be sure to select "Christmas Offering".

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