Colton lublink

Oconee Student Pastor

Going into high school, I was in a weird spot socially, mentally, and emotionally. I did not really have a true friend group that I was a part of. I never really felt self-confident in most areas of life. Even in middle school, I felt like I was just there and never really belonged in a certain place.

During my ninth grade year, a few of my friends invited me to come to Graystone Students at the Ozora campus. That was the first time I received a Christ-centered community and had people that wanted to know me and do life with me. The summer of 2013, I went to a FUGE camp with Graystone Students where I truly learned about church community and felt loved by so many people my age. Through that, I was finally able to understand the Gospel and saw what was different about the people I was with. When we got home that next Sunday I was baptized and continued my walk with Christ at Graystone throughout high school.

Ever since, life has been full of different experiences, good and bad. When I look back at my time at Graystone, the one thing that stands out is community. I have learned the importance of community and the growth that comes from it. Christians are not called to a life alone; this is one of the most important truths for my personal growth as a Christian. Through college, that was my focus - to seek community and grow in that.

I had remained connected with the Graystone community since I graduated high school. I always hoped that God would bring me back to Graystone to do His work. It has always been a desire to do what I do today. Through this process I have experienced the sovereignty of God. I am really excited about where I am now and what God will do in the future.