Debbie Maloney

Administrative Assistant

I was raised in a Catholic family. There wasn’t a time I can remember that I didn’t believe in Jesus. My dad was career military, so traveling the world and moving every few years was my normal life. With that, it was sometimes hard for us to go to church on a regular basis. When I was younger we went all the time, I learned about Jesus, I was baptized - learning the Catholic way. But as I grew older, that started to dwindle away, until in my teens we weren’t going at all anymore. It didn’t take long before I didn’t have a relationship with God.

Some people have traumatic experiences that send them running away from God. My experiences were the opposite. I would feel God's tug, letting me know He was there, but I didn’t reciprocate. It was really hard. Losing my mother at a young age, losing several pregnancies before my daughter was born, going through a divorce, and so much more. Without family nearby and without a relationship with God or a church home, I felt very empty.

Along with my husband, we spent a few years trying to find a church that we both liked, that suited our blended family. We tried different denominations, different areas, nothing felt right.  

We lived near Graystone Church and would drive by it often. Finally one Sunday, after my daughter asked if we could go, we went in. It was a perfect fit, and we couldn’t wait to come to church every week. God used my daughter to bring us back to Him. My relationship with Him is stronger than it's ever been. My happiness now lies in Him and all He's done for me and through me. I turn to God with everything. I still have plenty to learn, but the empty feeling is gone.

I’ve been richly blessed with an amazing husband (Shawn) and three grown children (Michael, Leah, Amanda).