Holly Coats

Online/Communications Coordinator

All throughout elementary school, I thought going to church was what good people should do. My family and I would go to church occasionally, but it was after my parents divorced that my mom really wanted us to go again. We  “church shopped” for years searching for our church home. In the summer of 2005, I attended my first week at Vacation Bible School, and that week I asked Jesus into my heart while I was sitting in my bedroom.  I was in eighth grade when we finally found a church home. I was invited by my friends and begged my mom to take me. We never looked back. It was there that I learned about having a relationship with God, serving Him with my talents, and found my passion for leading worship. Just a couple years later, I was baptized on my fifteenth birthday and then felt called to be a worship leader.

When I was a junior in high school, God led me to Toccoa Falls College. I auditioned for the music department and sent in my deposit very early in my senior year because I knew that was where I needed to go. Throughout my four years as a Screaming Eagle, I met some of the most wonderful people that God used to mold me into who I am today. These people showed me how to pray for others, to sing with a full heart, to honor others with my time, and to love God in all I do.

In 2016,  my cousin introduced me to Graystone; I was a junior in college in need of an internship. God worked out those details and led me through two internships before finally getting my first full-time position as Walton's Associate Worship Leader/Student Pastor. I was honored to have served in such a role. Just before COVID-19 hit in 2020, God began opening doors to a new position. I went through  quite a journey of desperation and trust that led me to becoming the first Online/Communications Coordinator. I am humbled and wouldn’t change any of it.