Josh Frazier

Loganville Campus Pastor

Where do I begin? In no particular order: I’m originally from Greenville, SC. I’m a Clemson Tiger fan and a Liberty University Flame fan, which is where I got my Masters. I love fish tacos. I’ve served in various roles in ministry throughout the years (Worship Leader, Student Pastor, Campus Pastor). Crystal is my beautiful wife of 10+ years.  God has blessed us with three incredible girls (Alexis, Isabella, and Teagan), as valuable as they are to me (which is a lot), there’s nothing more valuable than the life changing, transformative, gracious relationship I have in Jesus by His work done on the cross and through His resurrection.

I surrendered my life to Christ when I was eleven years old. All I knew was that Jesus saved me and I was going to live my life for His glory. In the process, I’ve served at several churches, baptized hundreds  of people, shared the gospel, done weddings, done funerals, and in all of this…it never gets old to me. I’ve had the privilege of pointing people to Jesus for the majority of my life and I couldn’t think of doing anything differently. The calling in my life that God has had for me is to simply do one thing: BE OBEDIENT. I’ve not known the exact role that I’ve needed to play in each season of my life, but I do know that God has opened every door and He’s been walking with me at every unknown step.

Without going into a ton of details, I see God working miracles in my life every day when I go home. Two out of the three of my children have special needs. Isabella, is a very fragile child that was born blind, non-verbal, with  frequent seizures, etc. She has something called “Aicardi Syndrome”. Teagan was born with Spina Bifida, which means that she can’t feel anything below her knees. She, like Isabella, is also in a wheelchair. For Crystal and I, our children have helped us draw closer to the Lord. God has been our strength, sustenance, and joy in this life despite our expectations. With our story, we want to continue to know God more every day and make Him known to others so that no matter what they’re going through…God knows what you’re going through.