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Lead Children's Pastor

My life before Christ was happy and normal.  I grew up in a loving home full of laughter and good times!  Sometimes I would go to church with my best friend; however, I only knew church as "something people did on Sunday".  I went on to graduate from college and began my career as a high school math teacher.  Shortly after this life step, I met my soon-to-be-husband and that's when God's big plan for us began to surface.

During our pre marital counseling, I met Jesus! My husband, Kelly, was next to me as I prayed. I remember going home and being so excited to open the massive bible whose home was the bottom shelf of our coffee table.  Not understanding any of it, I just kept reading. This was the beginning of a beautiful, far from perfect, life that I praise Him for every day!  

I continued teaching math for the next several years, primarily at Grayson High School.  I loved it so much and still miss being in the classroom occasionally. But God's plan included a big change. My husband and I visited Graystone after my oldest daughter was invited by a friend.  We knew we had found our church home.  A few years later, we joined our first couples small group.  We began to draw circles of prayer around our marriage and our family.  God answered our prayers. Not only did he strengthen us and the bonds we have with our children, He also called me into ministry.  We now have four beautiful children, plus the gift of a son-in-law. God has shown us true happiness through obedience and trust.  I am forever grateful for my salvation, my call to ministry and that He loves me enough to make every detail work out, not only for my good but for His glory.