Ryan Brooks

Monroe Campus Worship Leader

My wife, Mary, and I have attended/served at Graystone for fourteen  years. We have three children, an energetic puppy, and enjoy as much family time as we can get.
I thought I had truly accepted Christ at a young age only to realize later in life that I hadn’t fully committed to Him. I was a pretty good kid, raised in church and never got into any real trouble. Thinking I had Christ in my life ,I led a life that I thought would be pleasing to Him, but I was lacking true salvation. This went on for years. As I got older, it became obvious there was a void that I couldn’t fill and I began to search for answers. I tried changing jobs, churches and everything I could think of, but my search always came up short. Stepping down from serving, my wife and I began looking for my answers. We eventually made our way to Graystone where God revealed that I hadn’t truly surrendered to Him. and in 2006. I committed to Christ and have been deeply involved at Graystone ever since. I’ve led worship at local churches in the Atlanta Metro area, including Graystone, in multiple capacities for twenty years. Even though I wasn’t on the right path before I was at Graystone, God still chose to use me. This is further proof that God will and can use anyone or anything for His glory.
There’s room for you at His table. He can use you if you’ll let Him. I’m living proof of that, and my path was set straight through the doors of His church which happened to be here at home: Graystone Church.