Small groups

loganville campus

Special Needs Family Group

Michael & Tempa Kohler
Sundays 3:00pm
For families of special needs or any family associated with special needs.
Location will vary | No childcare provided

Bible Study

Jason & Lauren Davis
Sundays 6:00pm
Doing life together. Anyone welcome. Discussing the Sunday message each week.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare  provided

Families Bound Together

Clancy Arrant
Sundays 5:00pm
Growing together in relationships through God’s word, the power of prayer, and building unity through Christ’s love.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Mommy's Play Date

Karen Kierath

Every Other Wednesday 10:00am
Bring your young kids for an hour play with other moms and their kids.
Locations will vary | Children welcome

Parents of Prodigals

Steve & Kim Sexton
Mondays 6:30pm
A small group to discuss, pray for, study about or even just vent about the very unique pain that only the parent of a prodigal child knows.
Graystone Loganville | No childcare provided

Fun Time Hanging Out

Johnny & Jonica Spikes
Second Weekend of the Month
For any skill level, let's play boardgames. Life is so busy, let's enjoy some laughs while making some new friends along the way! For the whole family.
Graystone Loganville | Children welcome

Yoga For Kids: Little Treasures

Alyson Parker
Mondays 6:30pm
Studies show that yoga can help calm anxiety, relieve stress, boost self-esteem, develop techniques and meditation skills that are helpful for everyone, especially students with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Join us for a fun time sharing short stories, games, and stretching. Max of 10 kids. Ages 5-11.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare TBD

Women's Small Group

Amanda Alexander

Tuesdays 6:30pm
Doing life together. This fall we'll be studying a book called "Get Out of Your Head" by Jennie Allen.
Lawrenceville, GA | No childcare provided

Bible Study Couples Group

Chris & Keisha Wheeler
Sundays 4:00pm
Couples are welcome to hangout and get in the Word. We are a blended family, and we'd love to invite you to join us.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Men's Morning Bible Study

Philip Ladner
Thursdays 7:00am
This group has been going on for many years. Let's study the Bible together. If mornings work for you...this is the group for you!
Grayson Senior Center | No childcare provided

Women's Small Group

Rhonda Chapman
Tuesdays 6:30pm
Growing spiritually and studying the gospel of John together.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare TBD

Beginner's Yoga Class/Bible Study

Angie Mullis

Mondays 6:15pm
A beginners yoga group while encouraging each other in the Word of God.
Graystone Loganville | No childcare provided

Moms Small Group

Karen Kierath
Every Other Wednesday 10:00am
The days are long, but the years are short. This study will go over twelve core values to help you focus your mind and heart to help you pass on what really matters to your kids. Study: "Family Values" by Gather Moms
Locations will vary | Childcare provided

Single Mom's Group

Jessica Wallace
Wednesdays 9:00pm
Doing life together as a group of mommas. From group play dates to weekly zoom calls, we are about loving and supporting one another through God’s plan.

Couple's Small Group

Mark & Kellee Hanley
Sundays 5:30pm
A couples small group who are mostly close to being empty nesters. After food and fellowship, we discuss the Sunday message then pray and encourage each other.  We welcome new people—if you are looking for friends in this season of life, we might be your people!
Location will vary | No childcare provided

Couple's Small Group

Josh & Crystal Frazier

Every Other Sunday 12:45pm
We'll discuss the Sunday message. Let's encourage each other to focus on the main things while living in a fast paced and busy culture.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Celebrate Recovery

Jamie Barwick
Tuesdays 7:00pm
This is a group for teens and adults who are looking for support to handle their hurts, hangups and habits using the 12 steps and 8 biblical principles found in the Celebrate Recovery curriculum. Group members are dealing with a wide range of issues including codependency, childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and/or addictions. All are welcome and would benefit from this group.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Women's Small Group

Joyce Outen
Tuesdays 10:00am
Women of any age are welcome to join us as we grow in our relationships with Christ. We'll be studying the Word of God together.
Graystone Loganville | No childcare provided

Couples With Young Kids

Spencer & Taylor Melton
Every Other Sunday 12:45pm
Diapers? Dishes? Laundry? Careers? Preschool? Date Night? Jesus?! Trying to figure out how to fit it all in? So are we! Come join us for fellowship and Bible study as we learn how to navigate this crazy season of life together.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Young Adults

Josh Olayemi and Mary Franklin

Thursdays 7:00pm
Young adults growing together through community and the Bible.
Graystone Loganville | No childcare provided

Women's Widowed Group (Any Age)

Arline Jenkins
Once a month | Time TBD
If you are interested in a social get-together and you are a female widow, we'd love to hang out. Let's encourage each other.
Location & Childcare TBD

Mom's Missing Pieces

Samantha Mihalak & Alexa Wilson
Once a month on Thursdays 6:00pm
Moms who have suffered the loss of a child at any stage in life. Whether the loss was recent or has been years, we can be there for each other. The group will meet to share stories and support each other. We'll also do community outings once a month.
Graystone Loganville | No childcare provided

High School Students

Spencer Melton

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm
9th-12th grade students coming together for community,
worship, games, teaching and small groups.
Graystone Loganville

Middle School Students

Spencer Melton
Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm
6th-8th grade students coming together for community,
worship, games, teaching and small groups.
Graystone Loganville

Preschool Children

Karen Kierath
Sundays 9:30 or 11:00pm
All preschool age children, 2 years to Pre-K, particpate in age appropriate worship, games, teaching, crafts, and activities.
Graystone Loganville

Elementary Children

Karen Kierath

Sundays 9:30 or 11:00pm
All elementary age children, K-5th grade, participate in high energy worship, games, teaching and small group.
Graystone Loganville

discipleship groups

Men's Discipleship

Jonathan Howes
Tuesdays 6:30pm
Men (any age), gathering weekly on Tuesdays to grow spiritually. No prior bible knowledge to join in. A short description of the discipleship booklets are listed below. | $5 per book.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare provided

Women's Discipleship

Jennifer Howes
Wednesdays 6:30pm
This is a group for women who are looking to grow in their walk with God through daily Bible reading, and be supported and encouraged by others with the same desire. No prior Bible knowledge needed. A short description of the discipleship booklets are listed below. | $5 per book.
Graystone Loganville | Childcare TBD


Starting Points is a good place to start in participating in a small group. It is designed in an easy to follow format that creates good discussion, strong Christian friendships, and spiritual growth.


The purpose of this study is to understand what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus. We will study nine characteristics of a disciple of Jesus. This study is also an introduction into the process of discipleship and will help establish you in the basics of the Christian walk.


The goal of every follower of Jesus should be to grow to spiritual maturity. We should have a desire to grow closer to God and become more like Jesus Christ. The purpose of this study is to help you grow deeper and stronger as a disciple of Jesus. Each lesson will help you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and challenge you to become the spiritual leader that God has called you to be.


Now that you are on your way to growing towards spiritual maturity, your next step in the discipleship process is to disciple others. You are now ready to take the things that you have learned in discipleship and teach them to others. You are to multiply the discipleship process and pour your life into spiritually younger disciples who will in turn, repeat the process.